Clubhouse Trophies are a new entrant to the online trophy supply market in 2018, however, with over 30 years of industry experience to call upon, you can trust us to fulfill your needs and offer excellent value.

We also have many year’s experience in running local sports clubs so we have an insight into the wants, needs, restrictions and expectations of clubs, their volunteers and their members.

We endeavour to offer you an open and collaborative approach that affords sports clubs and their volunteers a helping hand and advice.

You may have been given the task of organising awards for your club but you don’t have to do it alone!


How are we trying to help?

We aim to select and offer a wide range of good quality products at reasonable prices. You may find some cheaper products elsewhere but we have dismissed those that we feel are not of a suitable quality. We want your awards to last the test of time along with the memories that they invoke.

Many online shops bombard you with information, offers and ads. We strive to keep the screen as clear as possible whilst offering a broad range of products.

We understand that you may not be sourcing awards for your club this time next year, therefore, expecting you to pass on account details etc is a big ask. We will use our own records to contact your club next season to make any offers of discounts etc. Just remember to leave us the name of your club!!

We appreciate that you may not be sitting with your club treasurer when making your order, and will be unable to make a payment direct from the club. We have joined with our payment partners, Klarna, to offer you a "Pay Later" option which gives you and your club 14 days to pay without delaying the processing of the order.

Many clubs do not have credit or debit cards to hand and, it may not be suitable to expect a volunteer to use their own resources, therefore, we offer you the ability to make an electronic transfer of funds to us directly from the club account. This can be made at the point of order or via the "Pay later" Klarna option.

We appreciate that you may not yet know the names of the award winners when you sit down to order the items. We offer you the ability to purchase your items and we can either store them for you until you know what engraving you require or ,in many cases, we can engrave the plaques and send them to you in the post.

Clubhouse Trophies