Shipping & Delivery

We endeavour to obtain (where appropriate), prepare, engrave (if required), package and dispatch your order within 5 - 7 working days of your payment being made. Working days are Monday to Friday inclusive.

Deliveries are made by Courier and will require a signature. We pass on a flat rate charge for this service, currently £7.20. Prices are subject to change. Service details are as follow: This delivery service is free for orders over £200 (not available in conjunction with other discounts).

On occasion, it may be more appropriate for us to send your order by Royal Mail (a small order that may fit through your letter box). If this is the case, we will contact you and partially refund the delivery charge.

If you require an express delivery, please contact us directly to discuss your requirements.


We are able to offer several methods of engraving or marking your products. From traditional diamond drag to the most up to date laser technology.

We seek to ensure that engraving is as clear as it can be, this means that in many cases, we must limit the amount of characters used. On trophy plaques, we use a limit of 75 characters. We may limit very small plaques further. On medals, we use a limit of 30 characters. We also use a single block font that ensures that clarity is retained.

Free engraving is available on medals and trophy plaques, up to a total of 10 items. There is a limit to the total number of characters used which is explained above. There is a limit to the number of characters engraved for free which is detailed in the table below. If you do want additional text please contact us to discuss, however, there will be an additional charge.

Bulk orders (11+ awards) Where you have a large number of awards that need engraving, please contact us to discuss your requirements and how we can reduce your engraving costs.
A large number of awards to be engraved means a large amount of time spent engraving them so we aim to find a balance between the cost of this time and a fair price to you.

Engraving pricing can become complicated due to the breadth of materials, technologies and options involved. We have attempted to keep our structure as straightforward and fair as possible in the following table:

Award Type Price Limits/Terms
Trophy Plaques Free up to 50 characters. £1.50 for 51-75 characters. Bulk engraving (11 or more) £1.50 each plaque
Medals Free up to 10 characters. 75p for 11-30 characters.  Bulk engraving (11 or more) 75p each medal.
Top Scrolls £3 up to 30 characters
Bottom Scrolls £2.50 up to 20 characters
Centre Shields £4 up to 50 characters
Side Shields £2 up to 30 characters
Cups (Nickel/Cast)
Body £15 up to 60 characters
Base Plinth £8 up to 60 characters
Cups (Silver/Pewter)
Body £25 up to 60 characters
Base Plinth £8 up to 60 characters
Salvers £8 up to 60 characters
Tankards £10 up to 60 characters
Engraving £15 up to 60 characters
Set Up £7.50
(if redesign is required)
min £20 We will need artwork with as high resolution as possible. JPEG, PDF, BMP, PNG formats preferable.
If possible, please obtain artwork that you may have previously paid for and used elsewhere to save on this cost. Alternatively, check to see if a club member is able to "vectorise" your artwork for you before sending to us.

We understand that the above cannot cater for every requirement and variant. If you have found a comparable product and service for less, PLEASE do contact us to see if we can better that price.


If you don't like the fonts made available to you, please feel free to peruse the font list, via the following link, which shows all of the fonts possible. Just select one and get in touch with us to make sure we know what you want.