Welcome to Clubhouse Trophies. Thank you for visiting our online shop. We hope that you find it clear, concise and easily navigable.

To help ensure that that is the case, here are a few points to remember as you browse:


There are a lot of products available on our site, so much so that the volume can become overwhelming when browsing (imagine having to load them on!!). We have included filters for you to use to refine your search criteria. 

A prime example is price. We have decided not to use several sub-categories such as "Premium range" or "Budget Awards". Instead, we have made a price slide bar available to you. This will allow you to select the price range that best suits your needs.

Please use them to help zero in on the right award for you.


You will find it useful to have a ruler close by to compare sizes. Some awards come in quite small sizes so checking on a ruler may help avoid disappointment later.

The image may change when you select a different size, particularly on annual shields. Please also don't be surprised to see the price change when you select a different size. The vast majority of products come in different sizes and each size has a different price. The site has been built in this way so that there is less clutter for you to sift through when searching.


There is a brief description of each product at the bottom of each product page. This will include product sizes available.


If you are purchasing several of the same product or a large number of items, it may be easier for you to make your engraving requirements known by emailing us at info@clubhousetrophies.co.uk rather than try to add it on the product page. We may also process the order that way also. It is sometimes easier than having you enter all the info into this site.
More information about our engraving can be found here.
If you are in anyway unsure, please get in touch. We will do all that we can to find a solution.


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