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Choosing and ordering your awards – Hints and Tips

It seemed so simple when you volunteered to organise the club awards but now you’ve started looking online, you’re not so sure!

Perhaps the best place to start is to choose which type of awards you might want. We have previously blogged on this topic and you can read that blog here: Which is the most rewarding award?

Whilst pondering on that decision, here’s some more tips and advice, all based on the experiences of real customers like you…


It’s the most obvious factor in the selections you make. It may help to calculate a price per item.

One error made at this stage is not factoring in the cost of any personalisation or delivery so have a think about what you might want engraved on awards and check out our pricing here: Delivery & Engraving

Don't forget, the RRP is our starting point. We will look to save you some money from that point so please do get in touch.

You may be surprised just how far your budget can stretch, and don’t forget the Clubhouse Trophies Price Promise.

Size matters!

Awards come in all shapes and sizes. Awards of a lesser value can come in smaller sizes, 7cm – 12cm (2 ¾ - 4 ¾ inch) is not unusual. Whilst a smaller product for a smaller price is to be expected, if the customer hasn’t noticed the size before ordering, the end result can feel underwhelming when unpacked. Please consider the size that you would like.

One sure fire way to protect against disappointment is to keep a ruler to hand when browsing. Use this to check the size and even spread your thumb and forefinger by the measurement in order to give you a better feel for the size of the award.

When should I order my awards?

There are numerous reasons for not ordering your awards until the last minute. Life goes on outside of our club commitments after all. However, this can have an adverse effect on the selection of awards available to you.

We recently had a customer who made their order at the very end of their season only to find that the very popular awards that they wanted were sold out across all suppliers!

Leaving your order to the last minute can also leave you open to problems other than supply.

Errors in your engraving instructions are more likely when you’re in a rush. We, along with all other engravers, will stick to the text that you provide (especially when time is tight). Whilst we endeavour to find a solution, this can be a costly mistake, essentially having to pay twice.

Preparing artwork for engraving images and logos can take a lot of time. If an order is under time constraints, this can lead to additional charges.

Throw in ad-hoc delivery delays and you can see the potential for error is magnified when time is at a premium.

Leave yourself (and us!) some lead time

Ideally, you would make your order six weeks before the end of the season.

Life, however, is not ideal. We would ask that you please allow a minimum of a fortnight lead time between confirming your order and receiving your awards.

Buy now, personalise (engrave) later

If your club is anything like ours, you probably won’t know who the winners of your awards are when you need to order them (especially if you are allowing the time suggested above). Don’t let this worry you.

Order your awards in good time regardless. We are happy to look after your awards until you have the agreed text and winners names. Just make sure that you allow 7-10 working days from sending us the final text to receiving the awards.

Whatever your circumstances, ultimately, we’d like to help so do get in touch. We have performed miracles in the past, we just can’t guarantee them!


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