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Which is the most rewarding award?

If you’re not sure what type of award you want or just want to know what’s available, let us guide you through the dizzying number of awards available by looking at the main types of award that have endured over time.


The most iconic of awards, there aren’t many major sporting events that don’t award a cup as their top prize. Think of the FA Cup, Calcutta Cup or even the Stanley Cup in North America.

Cups are traditionally presented annually although there is now a wide variety of lower cost cups available that are designed as individual awards to be kept by the recipient.

Cups are very much multi-purpose e.g. not specific to any one particular sport, so they are a popular choice. They can be made from several materials such as cast metal, silver plated metals, and pewter or, at the lower end of the price range, even plastic.

Depending on the design, a cup can normally be personalised on the main body and the base plinth.


Trophies come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and are most likely to be specific to a particular sport i.e. in the shape of a footballer or athlete etc.

Resin trophies have now taken precedence over plastic. This has allowed designers to make sport specific trophies in their thousands which is why it is common to list awards by their sport or activity.

As an alternative, a plastic component can be adhered to a marble base which can make even small trophies feel a bit more substantial whilst the price is less so.

It is common for a trophy to have a circular space for a “centre”, a decorative stick on plaque that typically depicts a sport or your club badge. These are either 25cm or 50cm (1 or 2 inch) in size.

The vast majority of trophies allow for a metal plaque to be fixed, typically, to the base. The plaque can be personalised. Just keep it concise. Too much text can be illegible on a small plaque which is why we tend to limit the characters used. We don’t charge for engraving up to 30 characters. Less is very much more.


Another iconic award. Even the most sport phobic of folk will be aware of the classic Gold, Silver and Bronze medal presentation. If only we could get the Olympic contract!

On the whole, medals are still round in shape but the manufacturing process now allows all manner of designs. Again, most medals are available in Gold, Silver and Bronze and are sized by diameter with 50mm (2 inch) being the most common. Many medals are now sport specific but there plenty of generic options that cater for a centre (like trophies, above).

Many medals can be engraved on the reverse. Again, keep this inscription short but sweet. Keep it under 20 characters and we don’t charge!

Medals are great for tournaments or end of year presentations as you can buy large numbers for a relatively low cost and, let’s face it, kids love to receive a medal!

And don’t forget the ribbons! Very few come supplied with one as standard.


These are the perennial presentation piece. A wooden shield displaying numerous scrolls and shield shaped plaques that are traditionally used to record annual winners be they individuals, teams or clubs.

Shields come in differing sizes and the number of shield plaques (side shields) will differ by size.

It is now also possible to buy individual shields for the recipient to keep and these make a nice alternative to a resin trophy or medal.

Still haven’t found an award to catch your eye? Then we recommend browsing through our Glass & Crystal range. There are almost limitless shapes and sizes and all of them will look fantastic on any mantelpiece or in any trophy cabinet.

In addition to text, we can engrave glass and crystal awards with images and logos. The end result is always attractive and makes a real change to the traditional awards.

So there are the main contenders for your affection. Don’t forget, there are other options available such as Salvers, Tankards and Giftware. It is also worth a look through our Corporate Awards selection for something different.

And remember. The vast majority of clubs that we help select a mix of the above. You don’t need to stick to one type!

Whichever awards you choose for your club or business, make sure you get in touch with us. We stand by our price promise in addition to any special offers that we may have running at the time.

Happy shopping!

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